Food and Floods

It’s been a bit of a quiet week here in Suva, I went to a cool little church yesterday which was nice – we even sang “every day” which was a bit of Australiana thrown in there. The band was playing one of the songs from “united we stand” as an instrumental before the service too, which was nice. The rest of my house went to pac harbour for golf and swims. They all got sunburned though šŸ˜¦

During the service something came up that has been a reoccurring theme the last week or so. They were praying for the people in Australia affected by the floods. Ever since the floods have hit the news here people have been really concerned about Australia and saying how they really feel bad for the people stuck in it all. It feels a bit like I am in the devloped country hearing aboutĀ devastatingĀ disasters in a developing country. They will say things like “I mean we have floods in Fiji, but I saw that video on youtube and those pictures on the news and man, they got it bad over there right now”. People here are raising money to send to the QLD flood victims and I heard the other day that Papua New Guinea pledged a couple of million dollars to help out. Honestly, the world feels like it has been turned on its head, but it’s beautiful to see theĀ generosity of people who don’t really have a lot, but see a need and give what they can.

Just so this post isn’t totally about very deep and serious stuff, I thought I would include a few images of dishes we have been cooking over here so you can see what we are up to with food. We mostly only take pictures if we make something special, so this is a good indication of the best of our diet:

Freshly caught donu cooking in a pan.


Cheese is expensive here, so when we get haloumi it's kinda a big deal.

We made this sushi with a fish we caught while towing a lure behind a canoe in Suva harbour.

We didn't make this, but in Fiji, you wont be worrying what is on Jenny Baker's plate.


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