Return to Oz Part 1: Not Oz at All

I’m heading back to see my family and friends in Australia. There are a few family gatherings on for birthdays and although Fiji is awesome I do miss some things about Sydney, and the beautiful people living there.

I had teppanyaki with Connie, Grace and Nikki for lunch. It’s a little pricey ($10 aud/$18fjd) so we usually look for an excuse to go because otherwise we feel like we are blowing our whole allowance on one meal, even though that is far from true. Today’s excuse was my “farewell lunch”. Glen would have come, but the habitats didn’t pick him up in the taxi so he probably was left with a bunch of dalo and some bele at the markets… cruel girls, very cruel.

I headed off in the afternoon for my house to pick up some things and go. I was in a hurry and of course hit the worst traffic so far that I’ve seen on my way home. I think I was stuck at the flagstaff intersection for about two whole minutes! inexcusable! Once home, I grabbed my stuff and headed to the bus bay. There was a bus waiting but I opted to let it go and wait one and a half hours to try out the new Chinese made buses I have heard so much about in Suva. It was very swish inside, but there was one problem that should have been picked up before they put in that bulk order. The seats are made for chinese people and not Fijians. I barely fit into the seat and I’m half the size of some Fijians. I seriously cannot imagine how this is going to work, because the seat width and legroom is not going to work in this country. Ruh roh.

So I got to Nadi and manged to save $1.50 Fijian by not getting in the dodgey bus stand “taxi” cars, instead I walked 3 blocks to the main street and got in a legit taxi. It probably wasn’t worth it.

I know you guys probably don’t want to hear much about Australia since you basically all live there, so I’ll post up a picture of my hostel room to increase the Fijian-ness of this blog entry. It was $18fjd which is $10aud and only has two beds in it. If I get back home with no diseases it will be a net gain.


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