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We live in Suva, Fiji. International flights arrive in Nadi on the other side of Fiji. Connie and I usually work 5 days a week, so even though it’s a little weird, the best way to visit us is to fly out of Australia on a Thursday or Friday. After you arrive in Nadi you can ask for a sunbeam bus (or a minivan if you are feeling brave) and come to Suva. It shouldn’t cost too much, I think the fare is about $20FJ. There are plenty of places close to Suva that we can go for the weekend, and then if you stay longer there’s some nice spots to stay in Pacific Harbour only 45 mins from Suva and on the way back to Nadi.

Of course, contact us if you are thinking of coming and we will do our best to figure out what is the best way to do it.


2 responses to “Visit Us

  1. Hello, I have read the blogs of Mr. Andrew Hunt and I am so glad I came across this website. I will be going for my volunteership for 6 months in Suva and wanted to get beforehand information on dos and donts of the city.

  2. ME too! I will be going to volunteer in Lautoka in June 2013 and am glad I have come across this website. Thanks for your time writing this!!

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